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Just because you’re having a bad day, doesn’t mean your staff is!

As a manager or owner, the sheer weight of your to-do list can make you feel alone, like nobody in your business could possibly understand the struggle you face on the day to day. That's because you're essentially trying to run Disneyland on a Dollar Bin budget.

This job is hard, and sometimes we all have bad days... It's not (always) your staff's fault you are having a bad day, nor is it their responsibility to make you smile. Rather, it should be the other way around. Channeling good vibes at work is POWERFUL, and encouraging a positive environment EVERY DAY isn't just good for employees, it's good business.

Happy Bosses = Happy Coaches = Happy Kids = Happy Parents = $$$

You can't fight the math.

So when you're feeling blue, and need a simple acronym to remember how to stay consistently kind in your business, think of how proud you are of your SPACE!

  • S.MILE: A boss that smiles sets the tone for a happier work place!

  • P.RAISE: Hunt for opportunities to compliment! Acknowledging a job well done is not only great culture, it keeps staff in their jobs longer!

  • A.SK: How you can help them! Let your employees know you've got their back.

  • C.ARE: About your staff, about your space, about your clients! Help keep your gym clean, engage with clients, and always mindful about your staff's personal circumstances.

  • E.NCOURAGE: Avoid criticizing! You can't change what's already happened, so encourage good choices for the future!

Favorite reading: CONTAGIOUS CULTURE by Anese Cavanaugh.

For more information on how NINJA MONKEYS brings awesome culture to gyms everyday, click the LEARN MORE button!

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