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About the founder

TONY CLARNO  has been teaching for over twenty years.  He grew up in a gym, training gymnastics at the age of 4 and becoming a high level competitive gymnast.  After retiring as an athlete, Tony also achieved a black belt in karate, was a professional performer & dancer, and even a Broadway fight choreographer!


As a teacher, he has worked with kids just two years old all the way through Optionals level Junior Olympic gymnasts.  Over the past five years Tony has been focused on developing gymnastics and ninja classes for companies looking to diversify their programming.  With a focus on "finding the fun", he works with teachers and managers to create awesome culture, find brand identification, and develop systems in business that allow companies to achieve their growth goals.


Tony is the founder of the NINJA MONKEY Gym kids program, dedicated to exploring creativity through playground physicality.  Additionally, he is the creator of THE ACHIEVE SLEEVE, a unique rewards program that allows kids the chance to safely earn and wear "badges" for accomplishments earned in any physical activity.  


Tony is the proud father of three boys.  They're the best.

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