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About Us

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We make the hard stuff              and          .




The Founder

TONY CLARNO  has been teaching for over twenty five years.  He grew up in a gym, training gymnastics from the age of 4, and becoming a high level competitive gymnast.  After retiring as an athlete, Tony also achieved a black belt in karate, was a professional performer & dancer, and even a Broadway fight choreographer!


As a teacher, he has worked with kids from just walking all the way through level 10 optionals gymnasts.  Over the past eight years Tony has been focused on developing gymnastics and ninja classes for companies looking to diversify their programming.  With a focus on "finding the fun", he works with teachers and managers to create awesome culture, find brand identification, and develop systems in business that allow companies to achieve their growth goals.


Tony is the founder of the NINJA MONKEY Gym kids online program as well as the owner of NINJA Squad Gym, a boutique kids gym just outside Chicago.  Both thriving businesses are dedicated to exploring creativity through playground physicality.  Additionally, he is the creator of THE ACHIEVE SLEEVE, a unique rewards program that allows kids the chance to safely earn and wear "badges" for accomplishments earned in any physical activity.  


Tony is the proud father of three boys.  They're the best.


Our purpose

"We want every child to LOVE their BODIES; it is the greatest toy they will ever have.  Our NINJA classes uniquely focus on finding fun in space, and they are the perfect springboard to any sport or activity.  Once a child LOVES their bodies, and loves growing in their bodies, they will see every challenge as an exciting game!"

- Coach Tony Clarno
  Founder of Ninja Monkey Gym

Our Mission

Ninja Monkey Gym aims to bring the joy back to business owners looking for great ninja programming, effective hiring strategies, culture bursting coach training systems, and sticky branding.  We make structure FUN and PROFITABLE!  We do this through enjoyable online videos, printed guidebooks, digital quizzes and printable sheets that keep young or inexperienced employees engaged and loving their jobs! 


Our Clients

We work with businesses in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.  Our clients range from "boutique" gyms looking to make a big impact with their communities, to larger gyms strategizing ways to get their dozens of staff members to all speak the same language. 


Whether you're a gymnastics facility, a dance studio, or a cheer gym, we've got the solutions you need to joyfully grow into the business you've always wanted to lead!


















why your GYM should Be a
Ninja Monkey Gym

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We do 90% of the legwork for you...

Look, there's no such thing as "one size fits all".  We're not saying you're going to do it exactly like us.  We've just done SO MUCH WORK that you will have to do surprisingly little.  Isn't doing less nice?

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Our programming is ABOVE & BEYOND...

Not only do we provide great structure, culture and progressions, we include awesome themes, strength & balance challenges, even a WORD OF THE MONTH to take your classes to the next level.

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No fancy equipment needed...

Gym stuff is EXPENSIVE!  A great coach can teach a great class with a great lesson plan, some duct tape and some bubble gum.  Save your money, grow your BASE OF STUDENTS, then buy big stuff!

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We make the hard stuff FUN & EASY...

Stop stressing about where to find your coaches, how to get them to LOVE THEIR JOBS, and how to get them to speak the same language as the rest of your staff.  We make it easy for you and fun for them.

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