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Find, Hire & Keep Great Coaches

We give your team all the tools they need to find, hire, and retain great coaches.  It's all about creating a FUN environment and the secret sauce... MARKETING your business to future staff!

What we do

Common Language (coach Training)

When everyone is using the same words in class and with clients work is more fun, staff feel more empowered and parents LOVE that they understand the journey of class!

Sleeve Hand

Save Programming Admin time

We want to do 89.72% of the work!  You will save dozens of admin hours every month AND build better programming in your ENTIRE business with our plug and play systems!


When everything is a game, then everyone wants to PLAY!  We find the fun in training coaches, inspiring kids and creating themes that your entire gym can tap in to for all your programming!

Rewards system that makes you money!

Our patented ACHIEVE SLEEVE makes every class a game!  Imagine if you smashed the ranking belts for martial arts together with peel and stick scouting badges.  Now build your ideal uniform and makes new $$$ with every new sign up!

What we Don't Do...

  • Scary Sign Up Contracts​

  • Force you to use Our Brand (Use YOUR BRAND!)

  • Wild Annual Fees

  • Expensive Equipment Requirements

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How to work with us

Work with us

Open Enrollment Periods

We have a few dedicated times a year in which gym owners can join the NINJA MONKEY FAMILY.  We do this for a few reasons:

We onboard in a group... a Virtual Ninja Bootcamp.  This allows gyms to learn from each other and grow their professional community.

We batch our design work for gyms looking to create a UNIQUE NINJA experience with custom branding and badges.

Finally, we calendar out everyone's yearly goals and create actionable accountability systems for all of our clients.



March 15-18, 2024

Program Pricing

Best part...

of our competitors


We are BY FAR the most economical choice in the marketplace.  Don't believe us?...

Every gym has a unique story... tell us yours and we'll recommend the best option!

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