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COVID has made everything so unpredictable.  Why is now the time to introduce or expand my ninja programming?

Now is the BEST TIME to join our Ninja Monkey Family BECAUSE we have found that teaching classes inside our structure almost automatically engages coaches and managers to make safe, COVID friendly choices in their business and with their students.  What's more, families are looking for FUN, safe activities for kids to get active.  Ninja classes puts another item on your "menu" to entice new and energized clients.

What if I know nothing about Ninja classes… is this a smart choice for my business?

We've got you covered.  We did all the homework and all the hard work, and it's right here on our website.  Our guidebook and videos will make sure you know all the things necessary to engage new and current customers and become a "ninja expert" in no time.    

I hear you have Mini Ninja classes for preschool age kids, and they are very popular.  Is that program an extra cost?

We do have preschool Ninja Classes and they are AWESOME!  We call them Mini-Ninjas and the curriculum, training and class structure is all part of your basic subscription for $100/month!  Most of our Ninja Monkey gyms report Mini Ninjas being their MOST successful and profitable program!

We are a smaller gym in a small community. Why is this program right for us?

This program is PERFECT for you.  We designed Ninja Monkey Gym with smaller "boutique" gyms in mind.  You don't need a lot of space to have a lot of fun, so we constructed a program that is not only affordable, but also space conscious for business with big plans for their smaller footprint.

I don’t have any Ninja equipment.  Is this program right for me?

ABSOLUTELY!  Our philosophy is "teach great classes first, then buy the expensive equipment" with the revenue you're generating.  That way your program is paying for your business growth, just the way it should be.  All you need are a few panel mats, wedges, a bar or two, some preschool props and maybe a rope.  Once you get 20-30 ninjas in the gym, THEN you can start thinking about what to buy with the money you're making. 

I don’t have any “Ninja” coaches… Does your program come with training materials?

We have OODLES of training material!  We have found that the best coaches are the ones who love hanging out with kids, even if they know nothing about Ninja!  So we created a guidebook with learning materials, training videos, even DIGITAL TESTS they take online to demonstrate their proficiency. We even have information on great ways to interview and hire new staff to make sure you're getting started on the right foot.

Do you have sample lesson plans we can see?

While we have lesson plans, NONE of our gyms use them!  Isn't that wild!  That's because by the time they fully train their staff in the structure, utilizing the ACHIEVE SLEEVES, they find that wrote lesson plans can stifle coach creativity and not help the students progress to their goals...  These coaches teach with earning badges in mind, trying to advance their students. They have all the knowledge on how to teach a fun, exciting class everyday regardless of which of their kiddos walks in the doors or what equipment is available today.

What do the sleeves cost? 

That depends... Just like soccer, or baseball, or martial arts, or ballet, Ninja Monkey class has a UNIFORM.  The sleeve is like a Karate belt, and the badges their earn progress them to their next sleeve color and level.  There are 3 levels for school aged Ninjas.  The sleeves and shirts are the whole uniform, and the cost is based on how many you order.  Schedule a chat with us for more details.

I have no capital to invest in uniforms, does that mean I can’t be a Ninja Monkey Gym?

That's ok! We have two options available to our clients... 1) you invest in purchasing uniforms WHOLESALE, selling back to your clients when they sign up for a profit, or 2) you direct clients to our website where they purchase from us and WE make the profit on the uniform.  Option 2 allows gyms to join the Ninja Monkey family with no up front purchase necessary, just the monthly membership.

We want to do more than just ninja classes… Do you offer help with other Ninja style events?

Of course!  Your business should be generating revenue on Ninja Camps, Ninja Parties, and Ninja Nights!  All of these program details are laid out for you in the guidebook, with options to learn more through consultations with our awesome Ninja business and marketing experts.

Is this program easy to sell to parents?  Is there marketing material for my front desk staff to communicate to parents?

100%!  Whenever trying to start a new program, communication with clients is key.  From ready-made social media images and scripts, to program and class descriptions for your website, we've got you setup for success!

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