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DISCLAIMER: There is NOTHING that will eliminate all possibilities of COVID-19 entering your business while you are open! AND! There is nothing within reasonable attainability for non-frontline businesses to access that will guarantee a zero transmission rate in your business!

Because that is true, here are our ATTAINABLE GOALS in building "Pandemic Proof" Ninja classes for our businesses.

  • BUILD TRUST: It is so important that your current and prospective clients, as well as your staff, believe you will always put their safety, regarding COVID-19, at the forefront of your mission for 2021.

  • BUILD YOUR SYSTEMS: Know how you plan to mitigate the current crisis and FOLLOW THROUGH by committing and remaining accountable. Otherwise you risk slipping away from your systems and place community and staff trust at risk.

Now... if those are our goals, then here are 5 ways you can really keep your Ninja classes safe and humming!

  1. NINJAS WEAR MASKS: It's so funny and so EASY! Make this a part of the class experience and celebrate the fact that these dudes are Ninjas and ninjas wear masks! Get your coaches into the act by purchasing inexpensive themed masks (click here) or by customizing unique ones just for your ninja coaches!

  2. CLASS COMMANDS & STRUCTURE: The martial arts figured this out long ago. Ever seen one martial arts teacher instruct 30 students (or more!) in a room using only their words? And everyone is active, learning, and motivated. It's amazing! This happens when the instructor is dedicated to the commands and structure, and their students are bought in! How can you tap into this successful system of learning in your own gym? Need help? I got you! Email: to learn more about how we use structure to keep kids active and inspired.

  3. EQUIPMENT MINDFUL: Not every piece of equipment in your facility is going to be ideal for a Pandemic Proof Ninja experience. For example: If you are sanitizing equipment after every rotation, you will want to avoid wood bars with veneer. Easy to sanitize equipment includes mats, ropes, rock walls, carpet bonded foam. Looking for a great, safe sanitizer? (FORCE OF NATURE!) Need to use chalk? Just have them sanitize before they chalk up! OR Switch to personal climbing chalk bags! (Click here) Each of them can bring their own in a ziplock bag and have a safe alternative to that collective chalk bucket!

  4. STATIONS V. CIRCUITS: Kids run circuits, but kids stay at their stations until they're asked to rotate. Shifting your class away from circuits will give you a little more control over the kids on a minute to minute basis and all you to keep SOCIAL DISTANCING a piece of the experience in your gym. Use Hoola Hoops, or Velcro, and just set your stations more than six feet apart! Then when the kids rotate from station to station they are still staying safe.

  5. BE VIRTUAL READY: This is a crazy situation, and who knows what could transpire (staff getting ill, snow storms, or local government mandates) that may require you to have to make your classes happen online for a bit. Don't be caught unprepared! Make a few lesson videos AHEAD OF TIME! Have them recorded and ready to go! Throw some up on your YouTube channel and list them as private or unlisted, so they are unique to the customer in the moment. Then, the unexpected happens, just send them the link on the day of their class in a beautiful email. You can make this a promise to new clients if they ever ask "What happens if you forced to shut down?", giving them peace of mind that your business is ready and their money is well spent. Need a VIRTUAL TEMPLATE for your Ninja classes? We GOT YOU!! Email us now for a free class concept sheet and start building your virtual library today!

Learn more about the NINJA MONKEY PROGRAM HERE or setup a Ninja Consultation with Coach Tony at

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