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Why Kids love Joining
The Ninja Squad

Animals are for everyone

No matter what age, kids love looking to nature for inspiration! In NINJA SQUAD classes they can be strong like an elephant, fast as a cheetah, or smart as an owl.  This is one of the ways that ALL KIDS CONNECT this fun filled program.


Fast Paced

Kids are hungry!  They are constantly looking to have their minds and bodies fed with new information and fun challenges.  Our Ninja classes are designed to keep things moving, allowing kids to get lots of turns on each exercise.  Obstacle courses, strength circuits, and games are all put together with the goal of creating a fast-paced, fun filled class for everyone.


Happy Brains = happy bodies

Kids are HUNGRY... for information.  They constantly need to be challenged both mentally and physically in order to feed their appetite, so we find ways to exercise their CREATIVITY!  


We do this with the game!  A specially designed part of class where kids get to explore an obstacle course that has simple thinking challenges to compliment physical ones. The game is always changing and grows as they grow!


Alongside the normal benefits of physical activities (ie: strength, agility, balance and discipline) NINJA Squad is specially designed to encourage:​



  • GRIT


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