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THe Achieve Sleeve

The coolest way way to encourage and inspire in any class

What's it for?

Just like other youth programs, badges represent accomplishments in the curriculum or character!  The ACHIEVE SLEEVE uses fabrics and super stickers on super safe ninja material so kids can wear their sleeve while they ninja!  They earn new badges every class!

the importance of little victories

As kids grow and experience new things, they will constantly be learning how to balance emotional highs and lows in their activities.  One of the great benefits of the ACHIEVE SLEEVE is it teaches coping skills by acknowledging the little victories along the learning journey.  It's easy to celebrate "big moments" as big victories, with trophies and medals, and those moments come with big feelings.  By experiencing little moments as "little victories", kids begin to understand that there are levels to excitement, and understand the small feelings for little victories and, conversely, the coping skills needed for little failures as well.  

what do the badges mean?

Kids LOVE their badges.  They are like a little road map of their class victories.  For NINJA MONKEYS, kids are celebrated when they accomplish a new set of ninja skills, conquer the weekly strength challenge, or display good character in class.  

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