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Come join Coach Tony on these VIRTUAL EVENTS where we'll explore a variety of topics with HUGE TAKEAWAYS!

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  • July 24th: The Perfect Curriculum


Lesson Plans!


WHat's a Cheat Sheet?

Ever needed a little fuel for your creative fire?  That's where a cheat sheet comes in!  This gives you all the content you need to create a rockin', unique LESSON PLAN that fits YOUR BUSINESS.

INCLUDES: Printable Cheat Sheet, QR Code to Video Walk Through, Links to the "stuff we love!"

(awesome products featured in the cheat sheets)

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Lesson Plans


ALL Six Cheat Sheets!

Get EVERYTHING you need to rock three months of great Ninja Classes for just $92!

Don't Miss THE PERFECT LESSON PLAN event to learn all about how these Cheat Sheets make businesses BETTER!


Our members get access to NEW cheat sheets EVERY MONTH!   Want to learn more? Book a Tour!

"In-the-gym "
Coach Training system

Great for ALL PROGRAMS!  Helpful for new ninja, gymnastics, tumbling or preschool coaches!

Easy to Use Worksheets! Using thier worksheets, coaches first Shadow, then Assist, then Lead great classes!

Print and GO! Print as many copies as needed! 

How-To-Use Tutorial! A quick video to make sure everyone knows how use their worksheets!


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NExt Level

What's Next Level???

These are programs and systems design to BUILD & BOOST your existing programs and systems.  This is NOT everything you need to run ninja classes, but it is pretty darn awesome stuff that is chock full of checklists, worksheets and training videos!


NOw Available

done for you
Finding, Hiring, Keeping
Great Coaches

This EASY TO USE, top to bottom scrub of your systems turns finding and hiring coaches into a 12 step, business boosting program bound to improve an array of areas in your beautiful business!

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Training system

Tricking is "Breakdancing in the Air!"  Use this complete system to add TRICKING classes to your program offerings and watch this unique cultural phenomenon boom inside your business!

Next Level

Everything you Need!

 Want ALL the help??? It's HERE!

Get all of our best systems, training, worksheets, quizzes, curriculums and training videos in our easy to use website.


Work directly IN-PERSON with Coach Tony for a hands on approach to finding fun in all your kids programming!

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  • Complete Online Training Program

  • Guidebook, Activity Book, Worksheets

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  • Monthly Cheat Sheets & Lesson Plans

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in-Person Intensives

Bring Coach Tony out for some one-on-one time with your staff!


6 one hour sessions



Complete Programming Audit


*price does not include required travel and lodging

Review your Company Culture! 

Knowing your why and getting fun focused

Develop Great Coaching! 

Building structure and accountability

Define and Maintain Great Curriculum! 

Making sure everyone speaks the same language

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