8 Easy Design Ideas to BRAND your LOBBY SPACE!

You're coming into the summer, camps are cooking, and now you're looking for that wow factor for families coming back in the fall!  What can you do to make an impact without spending oodles of dough?

The first thing to remember is that you are a space for children, and that everything about who you are and what you do is about bringing joy to kids.  Families should walk into your space and think "How fun!".  If you can nail that, then you've won the Branded Lobby Game!

Here are some easy design ideas for giving your space a fresh look!


Your logo and your business colors are a part of who you are!  So point to them proudly!  It should be one of the first things customers see when they walk in the door, and there should be multiple places to see it throughout your space.

Gemini Gymnastics' colors are green and pink, which are very bold, so when we chose to redo our lobby we went with a neutral palette... greys, whites, and wood tones.  This simplicity makes every green and pink logo in our business POP!

Logos should be simple and easily recognizable!  Two or three colors with a bold icon or font, designed by a professional who understands you are a business for kids.


Whoever sits behind the front desk is your BRAND AMBASSADOR, happily delivering every bit of information any parent could possibly need!  So making sure that your clients have quick and easy access to them, no matter where they are in the lobby, is VITAL to your brand.

Here are some design ideas for upping your front desk BRAND GAME:

  • DE-CLUTTER everything behind the desk!  If your clients think you are unorganized or overwhelmed it will affect your BRAND!

  • IKEA is your friend. Drawers, cubbies, shelves and binders.Everything behind the desk needs a home (off the counter and off the floor)

  • RAISE YOUR FRONT DESK counter height, encouraging near eye level conversation.

  • CENTRALLY LOCATE the desk or workers.Have multiple desk locations.