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Step One: Get a Great coach! Having someone who is inspired and inspiring is the secret to that first growth spurt!

Step Two: License a Great Program! If you aren’t an expert at Ninja then find someone who is, because creating this stuff from scratch is rough... I know! In the long run you are going to save money and grow way faster because you made this choice. If you are looking for the most economical option, try my NINJA MONKEY program for only $100 a month.

Step Three: Market the program! Get on social media, make some posters, hand out some flyers and talk to all the parents in your lobby! Host a free NINJA EVENT for your community. Ge everyone excited about the new class that you will be offering. If you're putting out a great product then, when people like it, they will tell their cousins and neighbors and school buddies all about it!

Step Four: Practice Teaching! Before that first class ever steps in the door, practice teaching it! Over and over! Set up imaginary stations and explain them to an imaginary class. It feels super silly, but every coach who commits to it will start their first class more prepared.

Step Five: Teach AWESOME classes! Like any class in your business it’s important to focus on energy, engagement, creating authentic relationships with the kids, having an awesome class structure and, lastly, an exciting curriculum.

Step Six: The ACHIEVE SLEEVE! Imagine if you never lost a student! Inspire and retain ninjas with a great rewards program, like the ACHIEVE SLEEVE. This unique product recognizes benchmarks in their skills training and also celebrates great character! It gives kids a way to stay motivated while they work on those harder and harder skills in the curriculum.

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