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The 5 Minute Parent Conversation

It’s not easy to have a meaningful connection with parents in just five minute, but it can be so powerful FOR THEM!  Kids are little 20 karat diamonds to their parents, so taking a a little time to share pearls of information can leave a BIG IMPACT.

Here are some easy tricks to think about when crafting the perfect after class conversation to keep it brief, productive, and impactful.  The parents will thank you later!

CONNECT Meaning make eye contact and say their name or introduce yourself.  Shaking hands is always an option, but the goal is to give the parent your full attention and respect.

COMPLIMENT Compliment the child for an aspect of their learning or character that a parent would be proud to hear.  This will set the tone and let the parent know you appreciate having their child in class.  And what parent doesn’t want to hear something good about their kid?!

GROWTH OPPORTUNITY Think of something the child can improve on a provide a simple solution to growth.  For example, some basic strength exercises or games that will help them progress.

ENCOURAGE Recognize the growth that has already taken place in class and encourage the parent and child to keep coming to class and the progress will continue!

The BEST WAY to keep conversations BRIEF is to have them OFTEN.  After the second or third connection trust will become established and you will develop a rhythm.  What’s more, if you ever need to have a conversation about a child making a character adjustment in class you will have already laid the foundation and framework for what can sometimes be challenging waters to navigate.


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