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The Secret to BRINGING BOYS BACk To the Gym!

I'll give you a hint... It's not NINJA classes.

Rather, it's not JUST Ninja classes.

What's the first and BEST draw for any gym to create an awesome and culturally excited client base? Maybe we all need to think about boys the SAME way we think about all kids in the gym.

That means the SECRET for getting boys to love gymnastics is...


And those classes should be ROCKING! It may sound silly (or obvious, really) but by getting little dudes into your gym early and often your business will have the opportunity to introduce boys to your programming, including BOYS GYMNASTICS, in a meaningful and exciting way.

Here are some things to keep BOYS in mind when running your preschool classes.

THEMES: Ninjas, Superheros, Happy Monsters, Monster Trucks, Animals, Wizards... Stuff that little boys get excited about!

BOY TEACHERS: Having a few boy preschool teachers will make a big impact on keeping little dudes engaged for the future. In an ideal world, the boy coach also teaches the other programs you would like the boys to grow into; Ninjas, Tumbling or Team.

NINJA PRESCHOOL CLASS: A fast way to get little dudes into the gym (and parents excited about it!) is to offer MINI NINJAS. While I wouldn't suggest making it boys only, because girls will love it just as much, it is typical for gyms to see a FAST INCREASE in preschool boy enrollment. We certainly did!

ENCOURAGEMENT: It's important to keep little ones inspired by finding ways to acknowledge growth in character as well as motor skills. Whether you use the ACHIEVE SLEEVE, stickers, or stamps, keep them coming!

DIVERSE SCHOOL AGE CLASSES: What are your preschoolers and their parents going to be excited about next? Girls at your gym probably have a few options (gymnastics, tumbling, cheer, dance, team) so the same should be true for your boys!

This is where a great NINJA program comes into play. Not just Ninja, though... martial arts, tumbling, or athlete training classes are awesome, too! It is easy to think that Ninja might deplete your boys gymnastics classes, but the opposite is much more likely to be true! The more boys that are around, whatever the class they are in, then the more likely MORE boys will join!

So keep boys in mind in your preschool programming and watch more boys come through the door! More on diverse school age boy programs in a future blog!

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