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5 Easy ways to make Gym Parents feel AWESOME!

Sometimes pleasing your clients can seem an impossible task!  Here are some simple things you can do to show everyone from team parents, to parent & tot families, the value of your service:

OVER SHARE! Give them too much information!  About your programs, about their kids, about your goals as a gym...  Give them a welcome packet and a phone call.  Send them emails and have coaches talk to them after class.  Nothing is more frustrating as a client than not having enough information, so never make it an issue and your clients will LOVE YOU!

Check out the 5 Minute conversation Blog for more ideas on communicating with parents!

ANSWER THE PHONE Have you ever called a favorite business of yours and the phone rang ten times before someone quickly put you on hold?  Don't be that business!

Answering the phone with a smile in your voice and a willingness to help has an enormous impact on your client's experience.  It's a trust builder.  Families want to feel like when they have a question they can rely on you to give them an answer with kindness.  If your doors are open someone should be answering the phone.

Make every kid feel special, every day! That makes parents feel awesome, too!

CARE ABOUT ALL THEIR KIDS It's easy to focus on children who are in class, but what about the kids who tag along and hang in the lobby?  Connecting with those munchkins, or older siblings, can go a long way when making clients feel like part of the family at your gym.

Your desk staff could:

Keep stickers and stamps around to give to siblings. Have coloring sheets, crayons and puzzle books to entertain them.Ask them about their day at school or compliment their outfit.

HAVE COFFEE! It's something that is clearly just for the parents and makes them feel thought of.  Get a Keurig and offer some pods for $1, or even free!  Even if they don't drink it, they're going to love that you're thinking of them.

Added bonus:  Coffee makes your lobby smell good!

MUSIC IN THE LOBBY Finding a way to get some simple tunes going has a big impact on the "feeling" of your space.  Without music, a lobby feels like a doctor's office.  Nothing fun or relaxing about that.

Grab a wireless speaker or two and get some simple jams going.  Everybody will relax a little and enjoy being in your space.

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